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            Awarded "Best of Philly 2012" for Literary Activity

Qualifying for Grand Slam Finals

The top 11 poets with the most points at the end of the regular season will compete in our Grand Slam Finals.

Points are earned by placing first (12 points), second (8 points), third (4 points), fourth, fifth and sixth (2 points) in a regular season slam. Or earn 1 point by particiapting in a workshop. Ties will be broken using poets' cumulative scores from each round they performed during the regular season.

You must compete in a minimum of two slams and earn at least four points to qualify for the Grand Slam Finals.

The format for finals is 4 rounds:

  • Round One 3 minutes
  • Round Two 1 Minute
  • Round Three Haiku (Scores range from 0.0 – 1.0)
  • Round Four 3 Minutes

Each round has a ten second grace period and 20 seconds over time cut off. The haiku may be said up to three times.

The order is random for each round.

The poets with the top five cumulative scores will join the cast of our winter multi-media production and attend this artists' retreat in Jamaica for FREE.

Ties for first place or a spot on the writer's retreat will be broken with a 3 minute head to head slam.